22 Mei 2011

Mission Impossible PSX

Mission Impossible PSX
MISSION: Impossible loosely follows the plot of the movie. You, as agent Ethan Hunt, are on a mission to dig up the mole that has infiltrated the IMF team and framed you for his wrongdoing. Your task is to recover the NOC list (which lists all the undercover IMF operatives around the world) to entice the mole to reveal himself so you can clear your name. Gameplay is a mixture of first-person shooter and adventure, which makes for some interesting moments. As you undertake your quest to clear you name, you'll visit various locations that you'll recognize from the movie and some new locations designed specifically for the game. There are also several nifty spy gadgets that you'll be able to use a la James Bond as you try to discover the truth and put yourself back in the good graces of your boss.

Genre: Action
Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: X-ample
Release Date: November 23, 1999
Also on: N64, PC, GBC
T for Teen: Animated Violence

Number of Players:
1 Player


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