21 Jul 2010

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

Published by: Strategy First
Developed by: Spellbound
Release Date: November 15, 2002
Genre: Real-Time Strategy

Size file : 650 MB

Minimum System Requirements
System: PII 233 or alent
RAM: 64 MB
Video Memory: 4 MB
Hard Drive Space: 1000 MB

About This Game
England, late 12th century. King Richard the Lion-Hearted, back from the Crusades, has been taken prisoner at Durensteien Castle in Austria. His chances of escaping are slim; his ransom, exorbitant. In his absence, his brother, Prince John, has taken over the throne with the help of some powerful Norman barons.

Extortion, racketeering, taxation of all sorts, and the proclamation of unjust laws have become par for the course. The people of England are bending to the will of these unscrupulous individuals. But North of Nottingham, in the heart of Sherwood Forest, one man refuses to give in to the Normans. This rebel, an outstanding archer, calls himself Robin Hood.

Robin has sworn to return the throne to King Richard, but to do this, he must collect enough gold to pay the King's ransom and chase Prince John from the kingdom.

Robin Hood offers 40 separate missions, all of them perfectly screen-written.

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Download :

Password : www.gamehousevn.com

Sesudah didownload semua ekstrak file rar, lalu setelah diekstrak buka file isonya pake ALZip (saya coba pake WinRar dan lainnya g bisa)

Cheat Codes :

Cara menggunakan cheat : Pastikan character dalam posisi berdiri lalu gerakkan kursor ke icon berlutut/jongkok (jangan di klik), tekan F11 lalu ketikkan cheatnya lalu Enter.

Cheat _______________Effect
GOODLUCK  ________Add Cloverleafs to the campaign
CASH  ______________Gives more money
BINGO  _____________Gives all your characters 999 ammo
IMMUNITY  _________Gives your characters invunlerability
MERRYMAN ________Gives you one extra merry man
TIMELESS __________Stops Time
PAM  ______________Makes all enemies ineffective in melee combat
UNBLIP ____________See all characters on the map
WINNER  __________ Win the mission
NUKE  _____________Kills all opponents
BUD SPENCER ______Stuns all opponents
GOLDENEYE  _______Makes all party characters invisible
HIGHLANDER   ______Makes all party characters invincible
HIGHLANDER 2 _____Makes all enemies invincible
HADES  ____________ Kills selected enemy

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lebih bagus lagi kalau di cantumkan ukuran filenya

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ya. makasih sarannya. Size file : 650 MB.

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